Motor Vehicle Division Information Memo # 19‐06 Firefighter License Plate Administrative Rule Update

SUBJECT This informational memo explains an update to administrative rule chapters 761—401, Special Registration Plate. In 2018, we were approached by the Iowa Firefighter’s Association with a request to revise the application process for a firefighter license plate to allow the application to be submitted without requiring original or notarized signatures.

SUMMARY Prior to this rule change, an application for a firefighter license plate was required to contain the original notarized signatures of the fire chief and another fire officer certifying that the applicant is a current or retired member of the fire department. However, the department recognized after consultation with the Iowa Firefighter’s Association that the requirement that the signatures be original and notarized can be an administrative burden, especially for very large fire departments with a large number of applicants or for smaller departments that may not always have a notary public available. Removing the requirement that the signature on the application be original and notarized does not in any way diminish the authenticity of the application, and the application is still being signed and certified by the chief and another fire officer.

The administrative rule amendments are effective for applications processed on or after April 17, 2019.


CURRENT The application for a firefighter license plate is required to contain the original, notarized signatures of the fire chief and fire officer.

NEW For all applications processed on or after April 17, 2019, the rules will no longer require the firefighter license plate application to contain the original, notarized signatures of the fire chief and fire officer. BUSINESS IMPACT As of April 17, 2019, you may accept and process firefighter license plate applications even if the application does not contain the original, notarized signatures of the fire chief and fire officer.

Washington National Partnership – Cancer, Accident and Heart/Stroke Benefits

Washington National (formerly Conseco Insurance) is excited to be partnering with the IFA to offer voluntary supplemental insurance to its membership and their families.  Through this partnership, the IFA is making these very affordable policies available to their membership at low group rates.  A Washington National agent will be visiting you at your fire stations to explain how these policies get you cash when you need it most.


As studies have shown, firefighters face a higher risk of cancer and heart disease than the general public they selflessly serve.  Recently, cancer has surpassed heart disease as the #1 killer of firefighters (heart attacks are still the #1 on-duty killer).  As you know, due to the conditions and environments of fighting fires, firefighters have a much higher exposure (breathing and absorption) to cancer causing agents.  In fact, firefighters are at 2x greater risk of testicular cancer.  The physical exertion and stress related to fighting fires also puts them at a higher risk for heart attacks and strokes.  And just by the nature of what firefighters are asked to do, they have higher risks of accidental injuries.  Washington National recognizes these risks and offers great policies that protects you 24/7/365, even when you are not fighting fires. These policies help with the financial burdens associated with the high out-of-pocket expenses that occurs with battling a critical illness (like cancer and heart disease) or an accident.  That way you and your family can focus on what’s most important… getting better!


In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Iowa Firefighter’s Memorial, Washington National is making a $1 donation to IFA for each firefighter that sits down individually to learn more about this partnership and helpful policies offered.  Your local fire department will receive a $2 donation for each.


We have already met with over a dozen different fire departments throughout Iowa and the firefighters are seeing great value in these policies. Washington National agents look forward to working with all association members.  We will be reaching out to local fire chiefs to arrange convenient meeting times at your fire stations.  As the coordinator, please contact me directly at 319-883-1121 or to learn more individually or to schedule your department. Washington National is excited to participate in IFA events and activities.  We look forward to meeting each of you.



Terry J. Beek

Regional Manager, Performance Matters Associates, Inc.

Representing Washington National Insurance

Iowa Cancer Registry Data Form

The IFA is working hard to try and collect important data about the effects of this profession. The National Cancer Institute in partnership with University of Iowa is collecting data about cancer clusters in our state. They have not conducted an “occupational” report and are most interested in helping us achieve data based on occupation instead of location.
Below you will find a form of information we need to send them in order to get a good report of the occupational hazards of firefighting.
You should try to capture all your active firefighters as well as any retired or deceased members.
Once you have completed the form send it to:
Once we recieve all the forms we can submit the info to the Cancer Institute who will process the data.
We realize everyone is extremely busy but the sooner we get this compiled the quicker we can get the data.
Thank you in advance for participating.

Enrollment is now open for the new IFA Rewards App!!

 Enrollment is now open for the new IFA Rewards App!!

Earn $100’s in rewards for yourself and the IFA just by making your everyday purchases and paying through the app!

You can earn cash back for yourself on things you purchase every day and a percentage will go back to the association to help keep membership costs low.

Click here to sign up now!!

The links below list retailers that currently accept the app for payment as well as information for 2 great contests – one for members referring their friends, and one for departments that have the most number of apps signed up under their name!!!

Retailers in Iowa    IFA Rewards App Referral Contest   IFA Rewards App Referral Department Contest


IFA Scholarship Application

IFA Scholarship Application

The Iowa Firefighters Association is now accepting applications for the 2020 Iowa Firefighters Association Scholarship.

This scholarship is in the amount of $500 and will be awarded to a high-school or college student wishing to pursue educational commitment in the field of Fire Science.

The applicant must submit an application and an essay of 500 words or less discussing their goals, community service experience, hobbies and why he or she wants to receive a degree in Fire Science, to the IFA Board of Directors by the application deadline. The applicant must be planning to attend an accredited Iowa college to obtain a degree in Fire Science.

The application process will remain open from October 1st to December 31st. Scholarships will be paid to the student when they complete the first semester with a 3.00 GPA or better. The student shall submit the proof of the GPA to the Executive Director of the IFA. A scholarship check will then be made out to the student to be used for tuition, books, housing, or any other educational needs.

The IFA Board of Directors will be responsible for reviewing all completed applications and will choose the winning applicant at the January work session. The winner will be announced at the Annual Mid-Year meeting.

Download scholarship information and the application by clicking on the links. Mail completed application to:

Iowa Firefighters Association, Executive Director, PO Box 10, Milford, NE  68405.





Forming a 501c3

Forming a 501c3

In light of the recent events that have taken place in some towns, and the highly publicized case in Shelby, IA,  there has been a great deal of controversy about fundraising and whether those funds raised belong to the department or the city. The Iowa Firefighters Association has, for quite some time, promoted the idea that fire departments should form a separate 501c3 association for the purpose of fundraising. If your department has not formed a separate entity for fundraising it would be worth looking into the benefits and things to consider when doing so. You can read more information on this here….Public Benefit Non Profit Corporation for Fire and EMS Volunteers

California Casualty Auto and Home Insurance

Since 2014, IFA and California Casualty have shared a great relationship advocating for Iowa’s firefighters and their families and providing exclusive benefits. As our relationship is still fairly new, I am excited to announce that I am the new California Casualty representative for the men and women of IFA.

My career has always been focused on Iowa heroes. I have lead collaborative initiatives serving law enforcements, fire and EMS, legal, and medical entities in matters that focused on uniting these wonderful professionals to a stronger partnership. Now I am honored to have a similar goal of providing the best support and service possible to such deserving individuals.

I look forward to working with association members directly and through IFA and California Casualty’s partnership. I value the opportunity to learn about the associations goals and successes as well as needs. I hope to add an exclusive value by promoting the many California Casualty benefits and being a local support through department and association meetings, conferences, local events, and community events. I respect and value the time I am given and commit to making the best out of it by being an approachable resource and welcomed friend.

Under the blessing of the association, I look forward to reaching out to departments to schedule a few minutes of time to serve our members and promote exclusive benefits. Our current $10,000 Dewalt giveaway as well as a statewide rate reduction are just a couple of the exclusive aspects to IFA members that I’m excited to share.

Beyond local contacts, please let me know how I could be of service to the members of IFA. You can contact me directly at 641-485-4413 or email

If you haven’t already done so lately, take a quick look at California Casualty’s great rates and unique policy features by calling 1-866-402-2587.

Best regards,

Stephanie Whitmore