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IFA Legislative priorities for 2017:

  • Increase the funding for the Iowa Fire Marshal Office and Fire Service Training Bureau to replace lost FTE’s and strengthen the training of firefighters
  • Continue efforts to fund fire and EMS service through existing codes, including to a minimum standard, and to allow for expansion of laws to allow entities to reform if necessary, including the reinstatement of benefitted districts
  • Continue to oppose any effort for the legalization of consumer fireworks
  • Establish cancer presumption coverage for Iowa’s volunteer firefighters
  • Establish a plan for individual retirement accounts for volunteer firefighters
  • Continue to work with groups to help provide Next Generation 911 service in statewide network

What YOU can do to help IFA pass important legislation to help Iowa Firefighters!

  1. Check your email for updates and action alerts.
  2. Take action and contact your legislators.
  3. Attend a legislative forum in your district.
  4. Follow-up with IFA and let us know the legislators’ feedback
  5. Attend the Legislative Breakfast on January 26th and Firefighters Day on the Hill on March 2nd.
  6. Check the IFA website on a regular basis for updates: www.iafireassn.org


How to Contact Your Legislators

  1. To find your legislators go to: https://www.legis.iowa.gov/legislators/find. Type in your address and you will see your State Representative and State Senator.
  2. Visit the association website at www.iafireassn.org for more information on legislative priorities for 2017 and share with your legislators.
  3. Contact them! The Iowa legislative website will provide you with your legislators email and/or telephone number.