IAFF Telemarketing – Recently there has been considerable activity by a professional telemarketing fundraising company working for the Iowa International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) seeking donations for firefighters. The telemarketers are selling concert tickets or just asking for donations on behalf of the IAFF. In most cases the benefits will be very minimal, if any, at the local level. Volunteer Fire Departments will not receive any of these donations.

The Board of the Iowa Firemen’s Association wants you to be aware of these activities. Money collected may indeed not go to your local Fire Department. The IFA Board suggests that if your department is not part of the IAFF to do a press release in your local town paper and on your local radio station, similar to this example:

We have received information about a telemarketing campaign going on in Iowa selling concert tickets seeking donations for firefighters. This telemarketing campaign is not being conducted by your local fire department. It is being conducted by the Iowa International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) which represents the Iowa’s Career Firefighters. Any funds you contribute to this venture do not come directly back to your local department. Some of the IAFF’s stated uses of profits from this telemarketing campaign are for the following programs:

Fire safety coloring book program for elementary age children.
IAFF scholarship program for use in Iowa colleges/universities.
Lobbying for better fire prevention and protection.
Supporting local, state and federal Fire Fighter safety statutes.
Fire Fighter and EMS education programs for IAFF members.

Although these may be worthwhile programs they are not programs in your local community.

The decision on where you would like your contributions to go on behalf of fire protection and fire safety is yours. It is our feeling that the citizens we protect would rather their contributions be kept local where they know what good it does for them. We are in no way discrediting the Iowa IAFF, only making you aware of what this telemarketing campaign is about. Thank you for your time and your continued support.