State Wide Juvenile Fire Setter Program

State Wide Juvenile Fire Setter Program

The State Fire Marshal Division in partnership with the fire service organizations of Iowa, the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics Burn unit staff, the American Red Cross of Iowa and United Way rolled out the State-Wide Juvenile Fire Setter intervention program.  As of July 1, 2012, any Fire Official responding to a fire involving a juvenile who lit the fire can (and should) call 2-1-1 to refer the child to a trained juvenile fire setter intervention specialist stationed around the state. An expert assessment of that child will be conducted by one of the over 100 trained JFIS in our state. That data will be recorded in Fire Bridge and statistical data will help us to better combat the juvenile fire setter problem in Iowa. This state-wide program developed by locally trained fire officials will provide a standard of care for children who light fires.


Dear Iowa Fire Chiefs,

As many of you are aware, your communities ISO rating can mean the difference in hundreds of thousands of dollars either saved or lost in insurance premiums for local businesses.  A recent change in the way ISO rates fire departments has highlighted their emphasis on community outreach programs.  As part of your ISO audit, you will be asked to fill out this community outreach questionnaire.  On page 5 of that questionnaire at the very top you will see this:

Juvenile fire setter   intervention (6 Points)

What percentage (averaged   over the past three years) of juveniles identified as being involved in   fire-play or fire-setting behavior are referred for intervention services



With our new Iowa Juvenile Fire Intervention Program, every fire department in the state has free access to making referrals for kids who set fires in their jurisdictions.  This state wide program now allows you to claim all 6 points in the Juvenile Firesetter section by simply writing in 100% in this section.  Even if you have not had a single JFS referral, you have had the ability to make a referral to our program, so this counts towards your ISO point’s total.

For those of you who are not aware of this program we invite you to visit for information on this program and learn how you too can refer a juvenile fire case in your community.  For questions or if you would like information emailed to you about the program, please email Battalion Chief Brent Smith of Cedar Rapids Fire Department at or call 319-286-5200.