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The Worker Visibility Rule went into effect on November 24, 2009 – For more information click here.

Leave of Absence for State Employees – Certain state employees are entitled to leave their work for emergency duty. “All officers and employees of the state, other than employees employed temporarily for six months or less or those employees considered essential personnel, who are volunteer fire fighters or emergency medical services personnel shall be entitled to a leave of absence from such civil employment for the period of the emergency response without loss of status or efficiency rating, and without loss of pay during such leave of absence. Such leave of absence shall in no way affect the employee’s rights to action, sick leave, bonus, or other employment benefits relating to the employee’s particular employment.

IAAI Scholarships – Most of you may not be aware of the Reynold Hentges Memorial Scholarship that is available from the Iowa Chapter of the International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI). Each year two scholarships are offered to students who have entered 4 year schools, and who are also entering community colleges in Iowa, one from the eastern half of the state and one from the western half of the state. Each scholarship is $500.00 to be paid one-half each of the first two semesters. These scholarships are being offered to students entering the fire service, law enforcement, legal (prosecution) or insurance (investigation) professions. The deadline for the application is July 1st of each year. These scholarships will be awarded during the IAAI conference held in September. An application can be obtained from your area community college. An application can also be obtained by writing to the: Iowa Chapter, International Association of Arson Investigators, Inc., P.O. Box 177, Malcom, Iowa 50157.

National Fire Academy Alumni Association (NFAAA) – If you are a past student of the National Fire Academy you are eligible to enroll in the alumni association. This organization is free and its mission is purely to get numbers to unify and work toward a common goal which is the national fire service. You can also join as an Associate/Booster Member if you haven’t attended an NFA class. “Join the NFAAA”.

Fire Fighting Equipment Revolving Loan Fund – The Fire Service Training Bureau administers the Fire Fighting Equipment Revolving Loan Fund. The fund, which was established by an appropriation from the Iowa General Assembly, makes loans to local fire departments for purchases and repairs of critical equipment, which would be impractical for those departments to obtain otherwise.  This fund has been initiated through the legislative efforts of our Association.

2016 Revolving Loan Fund


Acceptance of Gifts – Due to concerns of liability with a fire department handing down used equipment to another department the two departments can use this document: Declaration and Acceptance of Gifts. There is legislation in process at the national level concerning this issue, The Good Samaritan Volunteer Firefighter Assistance Act .

Iowa Fire Service Annual Hazardous Materials Response Fee Structure for Calendar Year 2018– Iowa HazMat Fee Policy 2018

Iowa Firefighters Association Length of Service Awards Program (LOSAP):

IFA is providing a Length of Service Award Program (LOSAP), which is an inexpensive, simple and flexible prototype plan similar to a defined contribution retirement plan that a local Fire Department could opt into. It offers flexibility in funding amounts and funding sources as well as flexibility to choose specific plan provisions such as vesting, retirement age, etc. For more information click here IFA LOSAP.

Mesothelioma Website: The unpredictable and unstable environments that firefighters may find themselves dealing with when answering an emergency call means they potentially face many physical and safety hazards. Ceilings, walls or floors can collapse and cause firefighters to fall from heights or result in trapping them in an area of the structure.   Even when structural elements remain standing, old asbestos fibers in the walls and ceilings are often released in a fire, exposing firefighters to the risk of mesothelioma, a form of cancer tied to inhalation of asbestos.  Fire professionals should be aware of the risks of asbestos, which can persist even after the fire is extinguished.  Respirators can protect your lungs from these fibers.