The Iowa Firefighters Association celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2004. The board members decided to have something special to celebrate this occasion. The legwork began in January 2002 to get this project off the ground. The Vanmark (Red Hats of Courage) company was contacted in hopes of working together to produce an original piece for our members. After a year of thoughts, ideas, drawings, many phone calls and the extraordinary help of Denny Danford (Dennys Gift Den), this project became a reality.

Protection Through Time is available for sale to anyone interested at this time. Only 2500 statues have been produced. The statue features an old time firefighter with the black rubber coat and boots and the modern firefighter with his SCBA and reflective gear. The wall behind them gradually inclines noting the progress the fire service has made through the years. If you look closely at their helmets you will note the numbers 12 and 5 (125th anniversary). The IFA logo and dates 1879-2004 are embedded in the wall behind the firefighters. Both the US and Iowa flags are displayed on the base of the piece. Each piece has the IFA logo and is numbered both on the bottom of the statue and the outside of each box.

The piece originally sold for $49, but you can get yours now for only $30. Please print the order form and submit as requested. Don’t be left behind, order yours today.