IFA Memberships

2021 Membership Renewal

In order to reduce cost and stream line the membership process, the IFA has moved to an online membership renewal for the 2021 membership year. Below you will find links to a PowerPoint that will walk you through the online membership renewal process. For those that are unable to renew online, we have provided the paper membership forms as well.



PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP (Department & Individual) -  ($13) Any person actively engaged in, or retired from, various fire service positions, professional skills, or job classifications of fire departments and state agencies in the State of Iowa.

Individual Membership Application

Department Membership Application

Department - New Member Form


ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP- ($13) Individuals supportive of the fire service and its advancement and improvement who are not, nor have been, members of a fire department. Associate members shall not have voting rights or hold office in the IFA.

Associate Membership Application


AFFILIATED BUSINESS MEMBERSHIP - ($100) Business members or companies supportive of the fire service and its advancement and improvement. Affiliated business members include, but are not limited to, individuals or companies involved in commercial sale of products and/or services to government entities and fire departments. Affiliated business members shall not have voting rights or hold office in the IFA. An affiliated business membership does not imply sponsorship or endorsement by the Association.

Affiliated Business Membership


MUTUTAL AID - ($10.00) Mutual Aid is a $500 death benefit paid to a beneficiary of your choice, on proof of your death from any cause, available to members of the Iowa Firefighters Association, whose age does not exceed forty (40) years on the date of application. (Actuarial studies show that to admit members over 40 years of age increases costs out of proportion to the membership and affects all members.) The purpose of Mutual Aid is to simply provide “Quick” aid to families of deceased members. Mutual Aid should be considered as an added feature to your insurance program. The amount, while not large, is in line with its purpose as the “Quick Money” and the cost is quite nominal in relation to its return. It should not be considered the same as any of the various group insurance policies which terminate with membership or employment at the age of 70.

Mutual Aid Application

Change of Beneficiary Form