The IFA Board of Directors are pleased to announce that Advanced Association Management from Milford, NE has been retained to manage the IFA office and perform the duties of IFA Executive Director. This transition will take place effective November 1, 2019.

AAM is a company that provides management and directorship to both small and large associations in the Midwest and Internationally. They have been in business for over a decade, and currently have eighteen clients including the Nebraska State Volunteer Firefighters Association, the Nebraska Sheriffs Association, and the Nebraska Police Association to name a few.

This decision was made with much thought and consideration, and AAM was chosen after thorough vetting by speaking to existing clients with the most emphasis placed on the opinion of the Nebraska VFA. All the entities that we spoke to had nothing but good things to say about AAM.

I am sure that there will be questions about the choice to go with AAM as opposed to hiring an Executive Director from within the state. There are several factors that lead us to this decision. AAM is a one stop shop. They provide accounting, budgeting, accounts payable, billing and dues collection, web design, in-house printing and graphic design, mass email communication services, preparation and filing of IRS forms, meeting support to include attending board meetings and providing all of the printing of documents for said meeting, plus taking and typing the meeting minutes. They will also archive the IFA files in a climate-controlled area in the AAM office. In the present model, the IFA is paying multiple vendors for these services in addition to the Executive Director’s salary and benefits.

In addition to all the services listed above, they will be able to import the membership list from our current database and eventually move the IFA into the 21st century by offering local fire department membership roster maintenance and online dues payments. They will have a dedicated account specialist for the IFA and will have office hours 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily,   M-F. The phone will be answered “Iowa Firefighters Association” and the account executive that is assigned to the IFA will be answering the phone. As we all know, life happens and one of the many advantages of AAM is that every member of their staff is briefed on and has access to our association files. This will provide for redundancy in the event our assigned staff member is out of the office.  As of this writing, AAM is currently in the process of interviewing for the account executive that will be assigned to our association. This person will be directly supervised by Kathi Schildt, President and Owner of AAM, plus will be surrounded by seasoned staff members.

The final question is: “How much is this going to cost the IFA”? The total cost for AAM to manage the IFA ended up being less than us paying an Executive Director and subscribing to and paying for the services that we are currently. Bottom line, this decision makes good business sense, plus is a cost savings for the IFA.

I would ask that the Membership be patient and understanding during the transition process. I am sure that it will have a few bumps in the road, especially with the condition that the IFA office was left in by our former employee.

Contact information for AAM:



MILFORD, NE  68405.0010


Ph.- 402.326.4347

Fax- 402.761.2224


Gene A. Evans, President