Convention Drill & Drill Training Rules Update




Convention Drill Rules as approved at the Mid-Year Meeting of the IFA April 13th 2019

2. Participants must be regularly appointed active members of the Fire Department they represent according to the records of the IFA and must be members of the Iowa Firefighters Association. EXCEPTION OF DRILL #10 (Water application Drill) IFA members are allowed to assemble a team consisting of members from multiple departments with the #1 person and #2 person being members of the represented department.

7. Starters will have full authority on starting drills. Starting ahead of the gun the second time shall disqualify the participant. All starters are to use the same cadence “Judges ready, Timers ready, Contestants ready, One, Two (Bang)”

8. The Judges shall impose penalties as provided in the Rules prescribed for each Drill and shall have the power to disqualify a team for improper conduct. The agreement by any two of the Judges shall constitute a decision. Decisions by the Judges shall be deemed final when the next team is on the line. A judge’s decision may be overturned by the consensus of all officials assigned to that drill. Any team contesting a judge’s ruling after the next team is on the line will be disqualified from that event.

19. All nozzle connections and coupling connections must show at least three (3) full threads or hand tight, at start or finish of drill, or both where required *WITH EXCEPTION OF DRILL #3.  For consistency, the same judge shall check both valves for tightness on drill #3.

EXPLANATION OF “three full threads or hand tight”: Couplings having more than three threads must be connected by at least three full threads. Couplings having less than three full threads must be connected hand tight. No quick couplers allowed.

22. Several drills may be run at the same time. If a firefighter or firefighters are participating in another drill being run, ample time will be given them to finish that drill before being up for next drill. However, in the event that there are no teams waiting, any available team may compete.

Convention Drill Training Rules


OBJECT: Tie three knots as fast as you can.

Contestant starts the event by hitting a remote stopwatch on/off switch and ends the time by hitting the same switch. A judge also times the event for a backup. Contestant ties – bowline knot around post, Clove Hitch around post, and Figure Eight on a bight.

RULES: Association rope must be used; contestant must kneel in front of hitching post. Rope must be laid out length wise in a straight line with the middle of rope in front of contestant. Knots can be tied in any order; contestant cannot touch rope while touching start/stop button.

Judging, Penalties and Disqualifications: Knot should be tight enough that there are no open loops within the knot itself. If a standard marble (5/8 cat-eye) can fall through a loop within the knot itself the contestant receives a one second penalty. Contestant is disqualified for failing any of the three knots. If the rope has to be manipulated to make the knot look right, it is not considered to be tied correctly. The tail of the rope can be either in or out of the loop for bowline knot. Association equipment shall be used consisting of: One Hitching Post 32” x 32” made of 2 ¼ pipe. One 7/16 Kernmantle Rope 14 feet long (PMI Static E-Z Bend), One remote button to stop watch (used for start and stop timer)