Washington National Partnership – Cancer, Accident and Heart/Stroke Benefits

Washington National (formerly Conseco Insurance) is excited to be partnering with the IFA to offer voluntary supplemental insurance to its membership and their families.  Through this partnership, the IFA is making these very affordable policies available to their membership at low group rates.  A Washington National agent will be visiting you at your fire stations to explain how these policies get you cash when you need it most.


As studies have shown, firefighters face a higher risk of cancer and heart disease than the general public they selflessly serve.  Recently, cancer has surpassed heart disease as the #1 killer of firefighters (heart attacks are still the #1 on-duty killer).  As you know, due to the conditions and environments of fighting fires, firefighters have a much higher exposure (breathing and absorption) to cancer causing agents.  In fact, firefighters are at 2x greater risk of testicular cancer.  The physical exertion and stress related to fighting fires also puts them at a higher risk for heart attacks and strokes.  And just by the nature of what firefighters are asked to do, they have higher risks of accidental injuries.  Washington National recognizes these risks and offers great policies that protects you 24/7/365, even when you are not fighting fires. These policies help with the financial burdens associated with the high out-of-pocket expenses that occurs with battling a critical illness (like cancer and heart disease) or an accident.  That way you and your family can focus on what’s most important… getting better!


In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Iowa Firefighter’s Memorial, Washington National is making a $1 donation to IFA for each firefighter that sits down individually to learn more about this partnership and helpful policies offered.  Your local fire department will receive a $2 donation for each.


We have already met with over a dozen different fire departments throughout Iowa and the firefighters are seeing great value in these policies. Washington National agents look forward to working with all association members.  We will be reaching out to local fire chiefs to arrange convenient meeting times at your fire stations.  As the coordinator, please contact me directly at 319-883-1121 or terry.beek@pmagent.net to learn more individually or to schedule your department. Washington National is excited to participate in IFA events and activities.  We look forward to meeting each of you.



Terry J. Beek

Regional Manager, Performance Matters Associates, Inc.

Representing Washington National Insurance